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Banish Bullying. Speak Life.

Bee Affirmed Large Card Deck Included are 54 of the top scientifically based Affirming words that every person needs to hear to help achieve their full potential in life. Get a deck today and begin impacting the world around you with affirming words!


Blank inside and 6 notecards/set with various encouraging messages on the cover.


Student Pack: back pack, wristband, foam football, notebook, 18-count card deck, and t-shirt.


You Beelong Hat.

Join the Team.

Spread the Buzz. 





The Buzz About Bee Friendly

A digital home program that helps children recognize, prevent and recover from bullying. Cool video lessons equip kids to deal with bullying—their emotions, identity and inward hurts. Plus, you’ll love how it connects kids to you in a powerful way! It’s super fun! It’s super simple! It gets results!

The Buzz About Bee Friendly

Kids liked the Monday dance with Reagan. Gave us a chance to talk a little about the lies that bullies tell us and make us believe about ourselves. We talked about his chains being those lies and who can help us break those chains. Kids are on board to be "bully breaking buddies" with me!!​



Jenni Diaz

Mother of Three

“Bee Friendly Boot Camp and associated products are of high quality, and supported by research evidence regarding bullying and the cultural dynamics that surround and support it. The program holds great promise to overcome a serious issue that sometimes has devastating results for our children and their families. The skills the children will learn from this program will serve them throughout their lives.”​

Susan M. Wolfe, Ph.D

Community and Developmental Psychologist

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